Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Keep your wallet properly inflated.

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Under-inflation is killing your bottom line.

Tire under-inflation is the underlying cause of most tire failures and directly impacts fuel efficiency. The ATA Technology & Maintenance Council reported that 20% under-inflation in a CMV tire reduces tire life by 30%, and increases fuel costs by 2%.

Maintain proper PSI for your whole fleet with BIT TPMS.

  • Increase fuel efficiency
  • Extend the life of your tires
  • Reduce risk of blowouts
  • Save more casings for retreads
  • Make fewer roadside assistance calls

BIT Tire Pressure Sensors

Sensors screw securely onto the valve stem of each tire to transmit pressure, temperature, and battery level to the Blue Ink Tech App via wireless Bluetooth.

  • Installs in minutes
  • Locks onto valve stem to prevent theft
  • Weatherproof and built to last

BIT TPMS extends the life of your tires.

The Blue Ink Tech App alerts drivers when tire pressure or temperature is outside of safe thresholds. User-set thresholds let you customize each tire individually.

  • See tire issues when you log into the app
  • Get alerts while you're on the road
  • Adjust tire settings anytime on the web portal

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Pre-Trip Inspections just got easier.

Leave the gauge in the glove box. The Blue Ink Tech App will automatically save current tire pressure readings in the driver's DVIR.

  • Get properly calibrated readings every time
  • Ensure tires are inflated properly for every load
  • Prevent damage that leads to violations

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Packs that work with your fleet

10 Pack
For Tractors

8 Pack
For Trailers

6 Pack
For Duallys

4 Pack
For Medium Duty Vehicles

How much will you save?

Enter information about your fleet and see your savings.
Fleet Information
Tractors Trailers
Fleet size
Miles per truck per year
Team's effectivness at checking tire pressure

Tire Breakdowns
Tire-related breakdowns per year
Avg cost of breakdown + tire cost $ $
Driver's ability to perform DVIRs
Savings from reduced breakdowns $450 $450

Tire Wear
Improvement in tire life 16% 16%
Tire cost per mile $ $
Improved cost per mile $ $
Savings on tire wear $336 $336

Fuel Economy
Improvement in fuel efficency 0.75% 0.75%
Fuel cost per mile $ $
Improved cost per mile $0.002 $0.002
Savings on fuel economy $301.50 $301.50

Savings Summary
Tractors Trailers
Cost of BIT TPMS for your fleet $320 $256
Total of all savings $687.5 $687.5
Payback time in months 3.42 2.74

Explore More Features

Capture powerful data for HOS logs, IFTA calculation, fault code reading, and more.

Automate your tire pressure monitoring for fuel efficiency, safety, and longer tire life.

BIT Air Scale
Never leave the dock overweight or unbalanced again.

IFTA Reports
Take the pain out of your quarterly fuel tax.

Maintenance Schedules
Be proactive to eliminate unplanned downtime.

Fleet Visibility
Know where your fleet is and where it’s been.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why does BIT TPMS have a monthly fee?

    BIT TPMS falls under our BIT Full Service plan that gets you access to TPMS, BIT Air Scale, IFTA, Maintenance, and Fleet visibility

  • What if I decide I don't want TPMS? Can I return the sensors for a refund?

    We offer a 30-day money back guarantee, and you can send back your sensor packs for a full refund within that time period.

  • Why do my TPMS sensors say each tire is a different temprature?

    There are many factors that will affect a tire's temprature. Some of these are: direct sunlight, heat from the road, and friction from use.

    Direct sunlight: Tires that are facing the sun vs. tires in the shade will read higher tempratures and higher pressures.

    Heat from the road: The roads are hotter than the air and can make tires read different tempratures

    Friction: Tires that are slightly off from its neighbor in P.S.I can cause increased friction on the lower tire causing more heat to build up inside.

  • Why do my TPMS sensors always read different pressures all day?

    Tires do not stay the same pressure all day. There are many factors that can change a tires pressure during normal use.

    Temprature: Pressure and temprature are directly related. When the temprature of a tire increases its pressure will also increase.

    Loading/unloading: When a load is added to a truck/trailer that load is distributed to the tires and increases or decreases the pressure depending if it is being loaded or unloaded.

    Being able to monitor tire pressures more times in a day can give users an idea of how their tires are behaving and which ones are going through more wear-and-tear. This can help identify what could lead to blowout if unaddressed.

  • Why aren't my sensors updating when I use different apps or put my phone to sleep?

    The BIT app never has a constant connection to the TPMS sensors. The TPMS sensors will send their reading every 3 minutes and the BIT app will get the data and process it. If the app is not open to get the reading it will not update or make alerts.

    Quick fix: Using the BIT ELD will keep a constant connection with the BIT app while it is in a background or inactive allowing the TPMS sensor reading to come through much more reliably.

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