BIT Air Scale

Gross and Axle Weights In the Palm of Your Hand

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Scaling Loads Cost Time and Money

Road weight restrictions are one of the most difficult laws the trucking industry must follow. Many of the hidden cost include:

  • Overweight fines from DOT
  • Traveling miles to scale loads
  • Paying thousands per year for scale tickets
  • Driving back to shippers when trucks are overloaded and losing valuable drive time
  • Using back roads when overloaded to avoid weigh staions and DOT

See Them In Action

BIT Air Scale vs. In-ground Scale

Watch a truck and trailer that is equipped with BIT Air Scales get live loaded on actual in-ground scales. Know what every load weighs before you leave a shippers site.

BIT Air Scale Sensors

Our push-to-connect tee fittings install in minutes on the air line feeding your air suspension and transmits weight to the Blue Ink Tech App using wireless Bluetooth.

  • DOT-rated fittings connect securely to the air line feeding the air bags
  • Tee fitings available for most hoses
  • Updates once per second when loading
  • Updates every 3 minutes when loaded
  • 1 year battery life

Weighing every load is easy.

BIT Air Scale works for dedicated trucks or drop-and-hook fleets. Drivers can access BIT Air Scale data for any truck and trailer in the fleet with a simple load out switch in the BIT app.

  • Displays weight for steer, drive, pusher, tag and trailer axles
  • Shows total weight and cargo weight
  • Shows whether load is balanced front to back

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See the current status of your fleet from your computer.

  • Current weight of all trucks in your fleet
  • Know who has space avaialble for extra loads
  • Get historic weight readings of fleet in the past
  • Know which shippers frequently overload
  • Document wait times at sites and charge detention rates accurately
  • and more

Know your weight before you leave the dock.

The Blue Ink Tech App shows your weight increase in real time as trucks are loaded. With a 15 minute installation and easy calibration process you can get your vehicle's weight without having to take your trucks or trailers out-of-service.

Never have to travel to find in-ground scales again. Maximize your available drive time and cover more miles without delays.


BIT Air Scale is the most affordable way to get your vehicle's weight on the market. With a short call we will go over:

  • Types of trucks/trailers in fleet
  • Hose sizes on assets
  • Number of height control valves
  • Phone/tablet requirements and settings

For Carriers

  • Fleet data needs
  • How to use data to charge detention time to shippers
  • How to get alerts when trucks are overloaded
  • Estimated savings on scale tickets
  • Maximizing fleet utilization

Explore More Features

Capture powerful data for HOS logs, IFTA calculation, fault code reading, and more.

Automate your tire pressure monitoring for fuel efficiency, safety, and longer tire life.

BIT Air Scale
Never leave the dock overweight or unbalanced again.

IFTA Reports
Take the pain out of your quarterly fuel tax.

Maintenance Schedules
Be proactive to eliminate unplanned downtime.

Fleet Visibility
Know where your fleet is and where it’s been.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many Air Scale sensors do I need for my truck?

    Typically you will need two sensors, one for each leveling valve. One on the truck and one on the trailer.

  • What if my truck needs more than two sensors?

    Call our sales team at 304-840-0142 to discuss a custom BIT Full Service plan for your vehicle. We can work with any setup.

  • Is BIT Air Scale easy to install?

    Yes, our push-to-connect tee fittings can be installed in minutes on your suspension system air lines.

  • Why do I need to get weighed twice to calibrate?

    Our calibration process uses empty and full certified weights to establish two known data points. Once calibration is complete, the app interpolates current weight on all three axles using those data points.

  • How do you get the steer axle weight?

    We use the steer axle weights entered during calibration to determine current steer axle weight.

  • I notice that my weights are getting more and more inaccurate each day. Why is this happening?

    When your weights seem to be getting further from your actual weight tickets it is likely that there is a small leak in your air suspension line, which is a common occurance. The BIT Air Scale sensors are reading the pressure from the suspension and using its calibration function to tell you the weight. If there is a small leak in the line then this can make your readings further off as the air escapes. It is best to push on one of your air bags after sitting for a couple days with no air hooked up to see if the bag is flat before installing the BIT Air Scale.

    Pro tip: spray your air suspension and all connections with soapy water. If bubbles appear then you have found the leak. Repair and recalibrate to get accurate readings moving forward.

  • I know what my truck weighs empty without a scale ticket. Why are the sensors are telling me different?

    Trucks may seem like they are always the same size and weight at all times but that is not the case. Trucks consume a lot of fluids and use a lot of rubber. If you enter weights from memory your calibrations will be very inaccurate. Fuel, DEF, anti-freeze, and tire tread are always changing and if you don't use certified scales to get the most accurate weights possible you could be off thousands of pounds on your calibrations.

  • I entered the weights from the scale ticket I got yesterday and the app is not anywhere close to being right. What is going on?

    Trucks consume a lot of fluids and use a lot of rubber. If you enter weights from previous days your scale readings your air scales will be very inaccurate. Fuel, DEF, anti-freeze, and tire tread are always changing and if you don't use certified scales at the time of calibration to get the most accurate weights possible you could be off thousands of pounds/kilograms.


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