BIT Air Scale

Real load weights anytime, anywhere

BIT Air Scale fittings in 1/4” and 3/8” sizes on Air Scale boxes that read “Get gross and axle weight on your phone or tablet”

Air Scale helps companies like yours avoid having to pay for scale tickets, and provides loading weights to drivers and admins

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Air Scale weights shown in the Blue Ink Tech iPhone app, with a BIT Air Scale T-fitting in the foreground

BIT Air Scale customers have reduced scaling costs by 80% or more

If you go to a truck scale more than 8 times a month your Air Scale will pay for itself in the first 3 months.

See the Accuracy

BIT Air Scale gives 99% accurate axle, cargo, and gross vehicle weight with proper calibration.

Watch Air Scale go head-to-head with an in-ground scale during loading.

“Takes all of the guess work out of loading my grain hopper I would recommend this scale to anyone. I can get within 100 pounds of my target weight every time.”

- M. Madsen

Triple M Trucking
Sioux Rapids, IA

What is Air Scale?

BIT Air Scale uses a wireless pressure sensor to convert the pressure in your air suspension to accurate weights in the Blue Ink Tech app.

Bluetooth weight sensors let you see weights anywhere, even outside of cell service areas.

Low Energy
Bluetooth 5.0

Hydraulic fittings

Real-time Weights

1-year Battery Life

How does it work?

For a typical tractor-trailer set up, one sensor on the drive axle and one on the trailer axle will give you steer, drive, trailer, cargo and gross vehicle weight.

One Sensor per
Leveling Valve

One Air Scale will read the weight for the whole axle group.

Agricultural Mode

Ag mode is more responsive while loading loose cargo like grain.

Sleep Mode Extends

Air Scale broadcast once per minute when the pressure isn’t changing.

Air Scale integrates with the BIT Full Service platform

As part of our BIT Full Service platform, Air Scale will give you insight into your operations that can save time and money.

Historical Weights &
Route Maps

See where your trucks have been and track dwell time with route history maps for each vehicle.

Load Tracking

Current weights display on the FMS dashboard map so you always know who’s loaded and who’s available.

PDF Weight Ticket

Drivers can save current weights and create, upload, and email a PDF weight ticket.

Quick Installation

You can install our push-to-connect tee fittings in minutes, without a mechanic or special tools.

Air Scale tee fitting installed on a 3/8” suspension air hose
Air Scale tee fitting installed on a 3/8” suspension air hose

Easy Set Up

  1. Add your truck and trailer in the BIT app
  2. Scan a QR code to assign your Air Scale to your drive or trailer axle
  3. Start seeing weights

Simple Calibration

Calibrate your Air Scale for your equipment to get the most accurate weights.

Enter the axle weights of your truck and trailer once while loaded and once while empty. Get steer axle and total truck weight even with a spring suspension steer axle.

Air Scale tee fitting installed on a 3/8” suspension air hose

You can have confidence in your Air Scale weights

Our Calibration Confidence Score lets you know your weights are on point. The system does the work (and the math) for you so you can be sure.

Every scale ticket you enter in the app means more accurate weights and a higher confidence score, which unlocks PDF Weight Tickets in your app.

“Was delivered in 2 days as promised and product work as described. Was told it would be within 500 pounds and in most cases it’s within 50-100 lbs. Very happy with product.”

- E. Mallett

JJ Sargent Trucking
Dawsonville, GA

Staci Slaughter
Account Manager

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