Get in-state miles with a click

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Avoid tracking state to state miles by hand

Nobody wants to spend hours every quarter tracking down drivers in-state mileage and fuel receipts. With the BIT App and the BIT ELD drivers can:

  • Get prompts to enter fuel receipts when fuel tanks are filled
  • Easily scan fuel receipts into the BIT App for instant access at the office
  • Keep track of in-state miles automatically with the BIT ELD

Use your BIT ELD to capture:

  • Odometer readings at each state line crossing
  • Current fuel levels of trucks that are in use
  • Detailed routes for all of your vehicles

Take the pain out of your quarterly fuel tax reports.

Manage your IFTA data with a few clicks

  • See overall miles traveled in each state
  • See daily state-by-state miles for your vehicles
  • Use fuel receipts submitted by your drivers on the road, or entered in the office, to track fuel purchases and calculate estimated MPG for your fleet.

Report Details

  • View a detailed route to see how your IFTA data was recorded
  • Filter data by vehicle or by state
  • Allows you to easily complete your quarterly returns*

*BIT IFTA does not calculate state tax rates

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