Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Is the BIT ELD registered with the FMCSA?

    Yes. Blue Ink Tech's ELDs are FMCSA registered. See and search for BIT to see all of our registered models.

  • Can I try BIT ELD before I buy it?

    The Blue Ink Tech App and the BIT web portal are free to use, so you can create a BIT account to try them out before you decide to buy our ELD. Download the app from Google Play or the Apple App Store and log into the web portal at to see how easy it is to add or edit HOS logs.

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  • Is there a warranty on the BIT ELD?

    The BIT ELD comes with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty on hardware defects. If your BIT ELD breaks or malfunctions due to a manufacturing defect within a year of the purchase date, you can return it for a free exchange.

  • What is the return policy for BIT ELD?

    We offer a 30-day money back guarantee, so if you decide the BIT ELD system isn't right for you or your fleet, you can return the ELD(s) for a full refund within that time period.

  • Will this help me with Daily Vehicle Inspection Reports?

    Yes. Drivers can submit their DVIRs through the Blue Ink Tech App, and those reports will be available on the Blue Ink Tech web portal for six months.

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  • Will this help me with IFTA?

    Yes. Track your drivers' in-state miles and fuel purchases with a BIT Full Service plan. More details are available here.

  • Does the BIT ELD system support team drivers?

    Yes, the Blue Ink Tech App supports team driving and drive time swapping. The driver and co-driver can share a device or log in on their own devices to manage their co-driving logs.

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  • Will I be able to tell if my truck has any fault codes?

    Yes. Get in-app fault code reading with a BIT Full Service plan. More details are available here.

  • Does the ELD record my speed?

    No, speed is not recorded or saved by the ELD. Speed data is only used to tell if the truck is in motion over 5mph to automatically set a “Driving” status.

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  • Does the ELD handle Oilfield regulations?

    Yes, you can set your driving cycle to Oilfield to correctly log your waiting time.

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  • How do I know what phone/tablet is compatible with the ELD?

    Most new model smart phones and tablets will work with the BIT ELD. Devices must have bluetooth 4.0 or better and GPS capabilities.
    Devices must be able to download apps from either Google Play or the Apple App Store to get the Blue Ink Tech app.

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  • Do I need a cable to connect the ELD to my phone or tablet?

    No. The ELD will connect with your device through a wireless bluetooth connection.

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  • How much data will the app use on my data plan?

    The app is designed to use as little data as possible with periodic data syncs. Usage typically ranges from 10-20 MB per month for basic ELD functionality.

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  • Can I use a wifi hotspot instead of getting a new data plan?

    Yes, you can send data to your carrier by connecting to a wifi hotspot and sending logs at the end of your day. Keep in mind that you will need internet connectivity during roadside inspections to send your logs to the DOT email or web serer.

  • What if I need to use my diagnostic port for maintenance purposes?

    You can unplug the BIT ELD to free up your diagnostic port for maintenance. This will not affect the ELD or your logs. Just remember to reinstall it before you hit the road!
    We stock splitter cables if you need to plug more than one device into your diagnostic port at one time, or if you don't want to bother with uninstalling your ELD every time you need to do maintenance or clear fault codes. See our Purchase page for all of our adapter cable options.

BIT Air Scale

  • How many Air Scale sensors do I need for my truck?

    Typically you will need two sensors, one for each leveling valve. One on the drive axle and one on the trailer.

  • What if my truck needs more than two sensors?

    Call our sales team at 304-381-1512 to discuss your setup and whether Air Scale will work for your needs. We can fit most truck/trailer setups.

  • Is BIT Air Scale easy to install?

    Yes, our push-to-connect tee fittings can be installed in minutes on your suspension system air lines.

  • Do I need any special equipment to use BIT Air Scale?

    No. You may need a knife or hose cutter to cut through the air hose for installation. If you need to remove the pressure sensor from the tee fitting you will need an adjustable wrench.

  • Why do I need to get weighed twice to calibrate?

    Air Scale needs an empty weight and a loaded weight to calculate how your truck's weight changes relative to the pressure in the airbags. Once it has these two data points, we can calculate weight from any Air Scale pressure reading.

  • How do you get the steer axle weight?

    We use the steer axle weights entered during calibration to determine current steer axle weight.

  • Do I need to recalibrate after sliding my fifth wheel?

    For an accurate weight, yes. If you dump the tractor air bags to take weight off the fifth wheel when you move it, you definitely need to recalibrate.

  • I already have the Blue Ink Tech App. Do I need another app for Air Scale?

    No. BIT Air Scale works in the existing Blue Ink Tech App and web portal.

  • What is the Air Scale return policy?

    We offer a 30-day money back guarantee, and you can send back your sensors for a full refund within that time period.

BIT Full Service

  • How do I sign up for BIT Full Service?

    Log into the web portal at and go to the “Subscriptions” page to sign up for BIT Full Service on any of your vehicles.

  • When will I get billed for BIT Full Service?

    BIT Full Service monthly plans will be billed on the first of every month or the next available business day. BIT Full Service Annual plans are billed once a year on the first of the month in which you subscribed.

  • How do I update my payment method?

    If you need to use a different card for your recurring subscription payments, please call BIT Support at 304-381-1512. We can update your information for future payments.

  • How do I cancel my BIT Full Service subscription?

    Call us at 304-381-1512 or email before your next billing date to cancel service.

  • Does my BIT Full Service subscription come with tech support?

    Yes. Our in-house Support Team is here to help you with technical issues or to walk you through any BIT products and features. Email or call 304-381-1512 and select option 2 to speak with a Support Team member.

  • If I sign up for BIT Full Service in the middle of the month, will I have IFTA data for the whole month?

    Yes. You will have access to your IFTA data for the entire month in which you subscribe.

  • Does IFTA Reports calculate my state taxes?

    No. IFTA Reports provides the in-state miles for your vehicles and tracks the fuel purchases based on your fuel receipt entries.

  • How do you track my vehicle's location?

    We use the GPS capabilities on your phone or tablet to record your location.

  • Can you still track my location when I lose cell service?

    GPS tracking uses satellites, while cell service uses cellular towers, so losing cell service should not affect location data for IFTA or Route Maps. However, without cellular connectvity we won't be able to display your real-time location in the web portal.

  • Will IFTA Reports and location tracking work for me if I don't have GPS tracking on my phone or tablet?

    No. Your tablet or phone must have GPS tracking capabilities for your location to be recorded.