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Hours of Service

Manage your hour of service records with just a few clicks. You will be able to..

  • Update duty status when needed
  • Edit duty status when errors occur or something was forgotten
  • Certify logs for previous days or at the end of your shift
  • Always have 8-14 days of logs for your needed cycle set.

Available Hours

View how many hours you have left for driving, shift and cycle times for any cycle rule you have.

Cycle Rules
  • Property carrying vehicles
  • Passenger carrying vehicles
  • US, Canada, intrastate, oilfield and more
Always know how much time is remaining in all situations
  • Cycle reset times
  • Shift Reset Times
  • Sleeper splits
  • and more

Vehicle Inspection Reports

Use the app to also help flag issues with your vehicles as they occur

Get trucks and trailers serviced as soon as defects are reported to reduce down time and become more competitive in the market

Weighing every load is easy.

Air Scale works for dedicated trucks or drop-and-hook fleets. Drivers can access Air Scale data for any trailer in the fleet with a simple Load Out switch.

  • Displays weight for steer, drive, and trailer axles
  • Shows total weight and cargo weight
  • Shows whether load is balanced front to back

Explore More Features

Capture powerful data for HOS logs, IFTA calculation, fault code reading, and more.

BIT Air Scale
Never leave the dock overweight or unbalanced again.

IFTA Reports
Take the pain out of your quarterly fuel tax.

Maintenance Schedules
Be proactive to eliminate unplanned downtime.

Fleet Visibility
Know where your fleet is and where it’s been.

Plus More

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