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BIT Electronic Logging Device for Heavy Duty Vehicles

  • Connects via bluetooth to a cell phone or tablet to provide required information about your vehicle
  • Helps make maintaining your HOS logs easier
  • Provides information about your vehicle's fault codes and other issues
  • Can be moved to any truck to make your whole fleet ELD ready
Whether you work part of the year or lease vehicles regularly the BIT ELD will make you compliant with the FMCSA in seconds.

BIT Electronic Logging Device for Medium Duty Vehicles

  • FMCSA registered ELD
  • Helps maintain your HOS logs
  • See overall miles traveled in each state
  • See daily state-by-state miles for your vehicles
  • Use fuel receipts submitted by your drivers on the road, or entered in the office, to track quarterly fuel purchases
  • and more...

Blue Ink Tech App

  • Easy to use app makes it easy for drivers to manage logbooks.
  • DVIR's help drivers keep up on vehicle inspection reports
  • Fault codes displayed in app to alert drivers of vehicle issues
  • Automatic connectivity no matter which truck a driver uses for the day

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Backoffice for fleet managers

  • Know status of all drivers logs
  • Edit logbook errors
  • Know driver and vehicle locations
  • Manage DVIR issues
  • and more...

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Capture powerful data for HOS logs, IFTA calculation, fault code reading, and more.

BIT Air Scale
Never leave the dock overweight or unbalanced again.

IFTA Reports
Take the pain out of your quarterly fuel tax.

Fleet Visibility
Know where your fleet is and where it’s been.

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